Need Support?

Need Support?

LUWC Limited can give you information as to where you can get Advice and Support. LUWC Limited cannot itself give advice. 

LUWC Limited uses UK AdviceFinder because it is ‘the UK’s only comprehensive database of advice-giving organisations’ and has details of over 10,000 advice organisations across the UK. 

Maintained by AdviceUK, it is different from other directories through its inside knowledge of the advice sector. Dedicated data experts keep UK AdviceFinder up-to-date, ‘giving us referral information we can trust’. 

Having said that, after years of Government austerity cuts, the Covid-19 situation is having a devastating effect on civil society. Some services may close with little or no warning. We will ask you for confidential feedback through a questionnaire we will send you at least two weeks after you have sought support so that we can help keep our information on services up-to-date. After that we will delete your name and contact email from our records to help ensure your privacy. 

Advice Agencies that you decide to use will have their own data protection protocols.