about LUWC

Leicester Unemployed Workers Centre Limited (LUWC Limited), a registered charity, works in Leicester and Leicestershire for the public good on the:  


(a) relief & prevention of poverty, particularly among people who are unemployed & unwaged, and, 

(b) relief of those in need because of financial hardship such as workers on low income.


LUWC Limited, resources allowing, will work with everyone to relieve and prevent poverty and financial hardship for individuals and society as a whole for the public good. For example, LUWC Limited has been working with private businesses, public sector bodies, trade unions and the community sector to tackle modern slavery in the textile industry.

LUWC Limited, which is run by voluntary trustees, was proudly formed out of the trade union movement. Unemployment, an indicator of poverty, has been the scourge of generations. More recently, with high levels of employment, it has been realised that in-work poverty is now a massive issue for society with most children in poverty actually living in working households.

Covid-19 has led to a rise in redundancies and reduced work and income for many self-employed. There is now the double whammy of increasing unemployment and lower incomes.  

LUWC Limited works to support those in poverty and financial hardship. It also works with individuals and organisations to find ways to stop and reverse the risk of people falling in poverty and financial hardship based on facts. 

We hope that you will join Leicester Unemployed Workers Centre Limited as a member and / or get your local trade union body to affiliate. It is free to join but donations are very welcome. 

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