Joining a trade union

Join A Trade Union to tackle modern slavery in Leicester and Leicestershire

Parliamentary Reports call upon trade unions to be recognised in the hundreds of workplaces in manufacturing in Leicester where modern slavery working conditions are rife.

Trade unions play a valuable role in our society, not just in representing people at work. Over the years, unions have won many advances that have benefited all of us including paid holidays, occupational pensions, sick pay, health and safety protection, paid maternity and paternity leave to name just a few.  Trade unions lobby government and ensure that legislation reflects the needs of working people and their communities; they build networks at local, national, European and global level that help counter the effects of globalisation and the offshoring of work; they ensure that workers are consulted in the event of redundancies or transfers of ownership. In short, pretty much all of the positive provisions in workplace contracts and the floor of rights we enjoy in the UK were won by the action of trade unions.  For all those reasons, we believe you should join a union.

If there is a recognised trade union in your workplace, it is recommended by the TUC that you join that union.  If not, it is recommend that you contact the TUC to find out the most appropriate trade union for you at the following link: